8th Nov 2010 Pottering and Jonathon Jeremiah

Well, just been pottering around really. Enjoying the remixing bits… a nice distraction. One of the three has hit a dead end, but other two coming on nicely. the fourth (Jamie Says) seems to have died.. Kyle never got back to me, so I assume he hates it! A deal’s a deal, so I won’t play it to anyone else. The musical ideas I generated round it will go into other stuff I’m sure.Hope to get the rest done this week, then devote some more time to the paperwork of the WAA album.. promo and press lists…WAA stuff coming on: sleeve and card and stickers and duplication. Lots to do. As ever, not enough time to do it in.

Jonathon Jeremiah was on Later last week. It wasn’t a surprise .. I’d heard he signed a deal a few months back and I mailed him to say hi……. he used to live in Leicester and I recorded a batch of songs with him at an old studio I used to run. I must dig the DATs out, but I remember the sessions well. Really lovely lovely songs and voice. Before he booked the studio his sole question was ‘can you do that Verve effect?’. Yes… (he meant a delay, fact fans). The fact I could do ‘that Verve effect’ meant I got the job and we did, well, a few tracks. Theres a song called ‘My Angelino’ which I hope he digs out … sure fire classic: we did some strings using an Akai and a Yamaha SY22…. felt real at the time anyway!

The sessions were always good fun: there was him playing 12 string , 6 string and bass, Andy from another 2 or 3 bands including 60s tastic Broncho Bullfrog playing drums.. and a few others popping in and out. It was a bit of a soap opera time, too: Jonathon’s to-be-girlfriend, Diane was best friends with my soon to be girlfriend ,Naveda, so for a while it was a bit of a close knit muso love-in-commune!

Jonathon did a gig at the Charlotte which was fucking terrible….. the soundcheck was the rehearsal, and it had Rob from indie lovers Perfume on guitar. I did the sound : wish I’d recorded it!

Well done on him signing to Island ( I think well done, but you never know!)

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