Jan 10th 2011 Organisation

So, one working week in, little in the way of creative endeavours, but have started the WAA album push: slowly, but surely John and I are getting stuff ready.. really hoping for a Feb release, but realistically, March. If we want to give this the best chance of reaching as many people as possible, we need to send to enough press with enough time to get the word out. There’ll be some remixes and maybe instrumental rearrangements of tracks John did, too. Wondering if we should write some essay type things of how the tracks were written and recorded or just what the lyrics mean.. dunno……..

So I’ve banned myself from making any music til the album’s out, but fell off the wagon this morning……. you see, my Vespa’s dead at the mo, so I’ve been bussing around. I used the 2 journeys today to start a remix for a James Blake track on the forthcoming (ace) album. I figure if I limit myself to bus remixes, it’s time I wouldn’t normally of had, so that’s fair enough (your honour). Sure enough I’m banking some ideas for the media music, too, so at least that sticks with my new year resolution (or whatever I called it… ‘plan’)

I covered a couple of lessons last week and delivered some synthesis content. Was amazed at the criteria the students used to judge synths by..ie it’s looks and complexities, so I took them through the ESM, ESP and ES1 in Logic.. three of the simplest synths ever, but still powerful, and a clear signal chain. Hopefully changed a few minds in the process. I limited myself to the ESP for drums for this remix, just because……. and nice and glitchy it sounds too.

The Local Natives remix should be on the Infectious site soon, as well as an interview on the Tracksandfields.com site. How exciting!

..meanwhile, in the day job, the Ofsted visit looms, and with it, an immense amount of pressure. So that pretty much swallows my evenings at the mo……



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