2018 in Review

Well, what a year. New job, lots of mixing, remixing, a few albums for media done and a healthy dose of academia.

My job running the Music curriculum at Confetti is going well. Very big compared to my last position, but a lovely set of staff to manage and some really nice people I share an office with.

Industry Week was a real highlight: a week of industry guests taking over Confetti. It felt like some of the best CPD I’d ever had. The new studios and rehearsal rooms are about done.. and this time next year the whole of the basement will be done… 14 practice rooms, 6 studios and lots of other rooms.

I visited Maida Vale studios earlier this month with some students: really brilliant… the sense of history there is amazing.

Part of my Confetti job is working with TileYard in London : Confetti validate their Masters in Songwriting and Production. Enjoyed visiting a few times : learning loads. Am back in a few weeks. Some lovely staff and students there.

I spoke on a panel at the Brighton Music Conference on production music in April: was terrified, but ended up really enjoying it and holding my own (I hope!)Here’s a picture of me looking like an idiot.

John Meredith - Arms Production Music

I finished two modules in my Masters degree in songwriting. Its been brilliant getting back into academic writing: a main reason for taking it on. So far, so good: 2 distinctions! Am a couple of weeks from my next module being submitted. Loving it.

Arms has come into its own this year: released 5 new albums, but, importantly, had lots of tracks placed in a couple of new series. More significantly, some new relationships with producers and music supervisors which have already yielded some positive responses for 2019. It’s been nice to see the balance further swing to material NOT written by me, but by over 80 composers on the books. People are responding to the fact we aren’t the shiny material that’s out there. Sticking to my guns is slowly paying off.

Gigs….not enough, but saw Matt Maltese a couple times…was great …his album’s a future classic for sure.


I also saw Father John Misty and Bjork at All Points East ..really great (but very middle class) festival in London in May. Father John was ace. Bjork was magical: it’s been a while since she wrote a chorus, but live she was amazing.

I saw Morrissey for the 16th time back in February. Pretty ropey sound (NEC in Birmingham) but his voice is on form.

Top albums this year:

Father John Misty, ‘God’s favourite Customer’ album was so good….I don’t remember an artist where their first 4 albums are such high quality. Best snare sound ever, too.

Matt Maltese, ‘Bad Comedian’. Great album. Love him and ‘As The World Caves In’ is just gorgeous. Listened to this a hundred times.

The Good The Bad and The Queen. What middle age music fan wouldn’t want Damon’s career? The first albums great and this is a worthy follow up.

Mitski, ‘Be The Cowboy’: Such a consistant piece of work, top to toe. Heartbreaking in places.

Anna Calvi, ‘Hunter’ : Ace production, amazing voice.

Billy Ryder Jones, ‘Yawn’ : Such a gorgeous piece of heartache..so good.

St Vincent, “‘MassEducation’ : Wonderful re-imagining of ‘Mass Seduction

Jon Hopkins, ‘Singularity’ . Wonky and lovely because of it.

BED, ‘BED’: Mini super group, topped off with Baxter Dury’s voice. Some ace stuff on here.

Young Fathers, ‘Cocoa Sugar’. Dark

Low ‘Double Negative’. Dark, distorted and awesome.

Tracey Thorn, ‘Record’. Still one of my favourite vocalists. Some good tunes, too.

Lykke Li, ‘So sad, So Sexy’. The prize for the worst album title of all time perhaps, but that voice carries some lacklustre songs and production. Was hoping for ten ‘Time In A Bottle’s


I did a mix of New Year by Sugababes for the Darling Buds. Then a remix of it for them too. Proud moment, that, as I was a massive fan.

Available for free ’til the 2nd Jan



Got another remix in the bag for them, too: hopefully that will see the light of day in 2019.

I mixed the fourth album for One Cure For Man, out in 2019. He’s a one man army with a great work ethic.

Also, finished mixing an album for Kafka Diva, mainly self recorded except the drums: another example of what you can do with a small budget these days.

I did a load of moderation and marking for RSL Awards, too this year. A great learning experience seeing how centres up and down the country do things.

2019 is the year I’ll finish my Masters degree, release some new music for media albums and once my Masters is out of the way in September time I’ll get some more time to focus on the music for media plan in more of a structured way.

Here’s to a healthy 2019




New Momus remix

Genuinely honoured to have completed this remix

A couple of weeks ago , I emailed him to see if he’d let me have a go at a track, and he said ‘sounds like fun!’ So, took it from the jaunty pop of this:

to the wonky analogue dark disco of this

I’m a really big fan of his work… especially through the late 80s: proper left field pop.. I don’t quite know where to begin to explain Momus’ career, but this is as good a starting point as any  .

Download for free 6 early albums (all are ace ) here

She Makes War Rise and Demise of John remix: free and out now

I remixed She Makes War a couple of years ago .

I’m a fan of Laura’s multi-skilled-jack-and-master-of-all-trades approach to what she does..proper old fashioned work ethic. So, when she asked me if I’d like to remix another track off the last album, I was really chuffed.

It was last November.. a time I was trying to focus on other projects and trying to turn work down..but I used the excuse of using the upright piano for the first time.. so, as long as I used that, I let myself have a crack at it!

It was a pretty quick track to build, but went though a lot of tweaks… I even did a full on rap (of sorts) at one point, but thankfully removed it……

Well, here’s the new remix : do download and share (and if you have any remixy friends, point them this way for lots of stems)

Oh dear

Ben mixing a single for a band called Refuge. It’s for a World Mental Health awareness campaign, apparently. Anyways, that’s in the bag: just got to master it. Pretty big mix: 14 brass tracks, same for string section, bass, drums, guitars x a million (ish) and vocals. Its the first time I’ve used an Exciter for ages… it counteracted the fact there was no under-snare mic, to to get the ghost note rattle popping through. Album mix to follow over next three weeks……and weirdly, am mixing everything then the drums ‘go on’ last… intrigued as to how that’ll work.

The soul/blues album I’ve been mastering’s now done: hats off to James from One Cure For Man for recording and mixing it ; sounds really good.. dead gutsy.
Mrs Ears bought a dear for the studio: like it?


In March I was asked to do a remix of I Am In Love’s single… it’s only just been released though. I knocked up a video for it, to.

Lamb video

I knocked up a quick video for the Lamb remix I just completed

I really do mean ‘knocked up’ : ten minutes, 4 clips (which I’ve used before, naughty me)


Stuff wot I av bin doin

.. short update ….. ( I really need to get back on the blog train)

Studio conversion is going on still.. electric first fix should be done by friday, water pipe plumbed in by then too for the sink. Light points marked out.Lights chosen (but no money to buy them!) Need to buy Rockwool and Soundbloc plasterboard next. Having trouble finalising in my head where the storage and shelves will go……. frustrating as I need to make sure the supports are in place now to fix to. So.. coming con. I have a full day on friday to get on with it. Sorry , still no piccies, but will sort that over the next week for my own sake.

Other stuff… Free Control EP I mixed with Seamus Paul was launched on saturday night at the Guildhall in Leicester.. a lovely old place. I played there years ago with my old band. Great night.

Recorded some vocals for Hannah Brine’s stuff. Still a way to go, but that’s coming on. Bass to redo, guitar to add, lots of bvs to do.

Finished the Lamb remix I started.

by the way… am selling a Behringer 1952 Tube Composer compressor, an Alesis Photon X25 MIDI keys/audio interface, a Roland u 110 and an Akai s2000 .. all in the name of studio conversions, so if you want any of these lovely items, mail me. x

I Am In Love press release with Rise and Demise remix

The remix I completed is going out on Robot Needs Home records in April as a B-Side. Here’s the press release:

‘We are delighted to announce that due to unprecedented national press and radio attention (details TBA), I AM IN LOVE, will be releasing, ‘I Want You’, as their debut single slightly earlier than planned, through their good friends Robot Needs Home Records. The track and two B-Sides including the Rise and Demise of John mix (Make Recordings) will be available from itunes and all good online retailers from 25th April 2011′

As someone who’s knocking on a bit (37 don’t you know, sonny) it’s nice to watch a band with momentum. It takes me back to bands I’ve been in moons ago: always planning the next gig, recording or art. These are amazing times to be in a band. Being in an organised band with tunes is the best.

Good luck to em!

I love the Robot Needs Home logo, by the way.