I am in love remix progression

… so earlier I blogged the working process of a remix. Got hooked in for an hour.. almost always the most productive time… I have a pad from the ESP and I wonkified it, a collection of old drum machine samples, some through a gated reverb for extra coldness, and crunched them through an old Sony cassette machine with a low input so the internal limiter goes mad.. sidechaine-like sucking ……and I also got a nice tune supporting the verse vocals. I whacked a Remedy arp on, too. Not sure about that, though. Got to the stage where I was tweaking too much so I knew it was time to stop for tonight.

Mental note of next step……. nylon guitar, melodica……the female vocal at the end has a nice sub-hook which I may develop, bass, start knocking out an arrangement.. keep it short (the James Blake  remix went on too long for me so I’m reacting against that)…… and I’m not thinking this mix will be a massive departure in terms of feel from the original…… a parallel mix from later in the night…?

Of course all this might change….

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