Oh dear

Ben mixing a single for a band called Refuge. It’s for a World Mental Health awareness campaign, apparently. Anyways, that’s in the bag: just got to master it. Pretty big mix: 14 brass tracks, same for string section, bass, drums, guitars x a million (ish) and vocals. Its the first time I’ve used an Exciter for ages… it counteracted the fact there was no under-snare mic, to to get the ghost note rattle popping through. Album mix to follow over next three weeks……and weirdly, am mixing everything then the drums ‘go on’ last… intrigued as to how that’ll work.

The soul/blues album I’ve been mastering’s now done: hats off to James from One Cure For Man for recording and mixing it ; sounds really good.. dead gutsy.
Mrs Ears bought a dear for the studio: like it?


In March I was asked to do a remix of I Am In Love’s single… it’s only just been released though. I knocked up a video for it, to.

Studio update and other tales

Super Gary came to visit this week. He rendered the outside of the studio and plastered the inside …looks flipping ace. I tried to help by keeping out of his way and started paining the outside wood bits (fascias, posh people call them).. wife changed her mind about colour scheme, so I had to get more paint. To be fair, she was right. Going for a light grey for the door and fascias, and the outside will be a seaside bluey torquisey type thing (will look better than it sounds… those who saw our last house in Leicester will know what I mean).

Inside probably off white for the most part, with one wall as a deep vintage greeny, I reckon.

Just ordered the lights and flex from these ace sites (cable and lights) and should be picking the sockets and light switch up tomorrow, all ready for Big G (my amazing father) to power on up.

All that remains to choose is the wooden floor. Had a few samples sent.. just trying to finalise which I’m going for. Although I love dark wood, with it being a smallish space, I’ll end up with a lighter wood.

Musically, been super busy: doing lots of writing for TV both on my own and with others.. as such, getting lots done, with loads more in the pipeline.

Oh, I finished mastering this, too, by One Cure For Man: seemingly workaholics.

The remix of this is coming out soon, too.

Driving Plasterer Gary to and from his house in Boston (Lincs) we listened to lots of music.. he’s an original Soul Boy and did all the Wigan Casino allnighters.. he educated me in lots of amazing obscure tracks.. and left me a list of ones to try to track down, so that’s something I’ll look forwards to doing. I love the way those records sound. Amazing.

Piccies of studio coming soon




A video showed up on Youtube from Peter Wyeth‘s old band Kookaburra. The ‘London’ EP is probably my favourite bit of engineering/mixing, even 12 or 13 (or more?) years after.Am very very proud of that EP : three songs and an extended mix… I must dig it out and get it uploaded.
Anyhow, someone’s cobbled a video for one of the tracks. Still sounds amazing, even if I do say so myself.

Mastered by Robin Junga .. and that was the start of an ongoing (with a decade’s gap) professional relationship.

Other news: I Am In Love asked me to remix their new single, so started that tonight, and cleared the garage ready for tomorrow’s plasterboarding. Bring it on!

I Am In Love press release with Rise and Demise remix

The remix I completed is going out on Robot Needs Home records in April as a B-Side. Here’s the press release:

‘We are delighted to announce that due to unprecedented national press and radio attention (details TBA), I AM IN LOVE, will be releasing, ‘I Want You’, as their debut single slightly earlier than planned, through their good friends Robot Needs Home Records. The track and two B-Sides including the Rise and Demise of John mix (Make Recordings) will be available from itunes and all good online retailers from 25th April 2011′

As someone who’s knocking on a bit (37 don’t you know, sonny) it’s nice to watch a band with momentum. It takes me back to bands I’ve been in moons ago: always planning the next gig, recording or art. These are amazing times to be in a band. Being in an organised band with tunes is the best.

Good luck to em!

I love the Robot Needs Home logo, by the way.

I am In Love remix completed

This morning, fresh ears a-go-go I nailed the I Am In Love remix. There comes a point in a track’s life where you can feel that you start to wonder what happens if you chuck the kitchen sink in. That time was coming, so I knew it was time to stop.

I emailed the master to the band this morning and got a nice email back later. The band are going to pop it on the next single in a few weeks as a B-Side.

Here’s the original…

I may knock a video out for the remix later

I am In Love: remix progress

.. Paul from Seamus Wong mailed me the dry vocal over. This has helped loads…. but to get it to sit is tough… lots and lots of automation of volume, subtle reverbs and delays..


not aided by my ears being used to the original. Always the way.

Other than that , its pretty much there.

Will double check the vocal levels tomorrow then done.


I am in love remix update

… still tweaking. Reassuringly I liked it when relistening tonight after not hearing if for a day. I know it’s close, but the minute detail isn’t quite right yet, and its the minute detail that keeps the ears listening…especially in loop-based stuff.

Have asked for the dry vocal from Seamus Paul to give me a little more flexibility, specifically in the intro, but not got it yet. Final decisions on the new end, too..to knock off 8 bars or not…. dunno… may be a coin toss.


I am in love Remix progress update

.. no time to blog last night as I had a ingle mix to try to finish, but I worked on the I am in love remix, too.I make the pads breath with some automation and started arranging it and developed the ending into this ‘thing’ that after sleeping on it , I decided didn’t work. So I got rid of it, kept the first half of the main vocal and am middle way through trying a new reprise.

Getting there… I’ll know when I’ve struck gold