In the midst of two mixes for One Cure For Man. Really enjoying the arrangements. Strong songs. Pretty tricky to mix as there’s lots of ideas fighting for space, but luckily the writer/guitarist, James, has his head screwed on with lots of focussed reference points. The two first draft mixes will soon become honed, I reckon.

Am awaiting Shortwave Fade synth parts, then I’ll be cracking on with those two mixes, which are started.

Finally in mix land, am waiting for the nod for Peter Wyeths new ‘stuff’: I gave him a couple of variations last week…. once we’ve OKed and tweaked, I need to index…’s almost an old fashioned art is, indexing.

Other news…. garage conversion slowly picking up speed. Copied some scale plans today ready to add doors/windows, and I’m am choosing some victorian style glass blocks for a nice big window…… if anyone knows a reliable cheap builder….. pass em my way….

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