A video showed up on Youtube from Peter Wyeth‘s old band Kookaburra. The ‘London’ EP is probably my favourite bit of engineering/mixing, even 12 or 13 (or more?) years after.Am very very proud of that EP : three songs and an extended mix… I must dig it out and get it uploaded.
Anyhow, someone’s cobbled a video for one of the tracks. Still sounds amazing, even if I do say so myself.

Mastered by Robin Junga .. and that was the start of an ongoing (with a decade’s gap) professional relationship.

Other news: I Am In Love asked me to remix their new single, so started that tonight, and cleared the garage ready for tomorrow’s plasterboarding. Bring it on!

A warm pardon and other news

Sold enough of my bodily parts and old synth/studio stuff to but the Rockswool slab and Soundroc plasterboard. Turns out Jewsons were the cheapest.. last place I thought to look, but 60 quid cheaper than the nearest other quote.

So that should arrive thursday or friday late afternoon. In the mean time, I need to clear out the rest of the stuff in the roof of the garage before I floor it… there’s an ironing board for gods sake, plus other stuff I really don’t need. Am flooring it so I can use it for storage… seems a waste of space if I don’t. I put an access hatch in over Xmas, so that’s ready to go.

A disappointing sunday this weekend as we intended checking the water to the garage. But, it turns out when we did our kitchen a couple of years back, we got rid of the existing supply thinking ‘we don’t need it’ . Well, we do need it, so we’re going to have to tap it (excuse the pun) form under the sink in the kitchen, then run it along the outside wall to join the top of the fence where the existing pipe remains. No biggie but a proper waste of a day.

Til the Rockwool arrives I was hoping to paint the outside brickwork and undercoat the wall..it’s just too cold.

Musically, there’s a fair bit going on. Started fiddling with some new Peter Wyeth recordings, and I’m decamping to Hannah Brine’s house tomorrow night to record vocals with her. I really love recording in pop up spaces.. with a directional mic you can reject dodgy spaces, but it’s really nice to get those spaces down, too… adds a lovely character.

After the vocals are done, I need to redo some live bass, some acoustic and electric guitar, and mix them. Am thinking about doing proper live drums, too.. we’ll see how much the live guitar adds to the pot. Importantly these recordings are there to kind of define Hannah’s sound .. and I know that she’s keen for this to become a gigging band… with that in mind, I need less electronics probably. Maybe.. don’t know: I think I’ll end up with a couple of mixes of each.. a ‘live’ one which you could almost assign parts to an invisible band, and a ‘this is what it feels like it needs to do to me’ mix.. where I ignore what a band might bring to the table. Anyhows, it’s close to being done. Will try to remember to take piccies tomorrow.


Up to what?

… had a couple of weeks off and went camping, but took my old Macbook with me to start some pre production and programming for Hannah Brine… .. it’s going a bit French Pop so far.

Other stuff.. nearly done the One Cure For Man EP and am on track 3 of the Shortwave Fade stuff…. mixing stuff recorded by Jamie Ward (excellent engineer) to slot into the tracks I recorded with them.

About to start on the Free Control mixes: I popped in to see them record the stuff at Seamus Wong this week. Sounds lovely .. looking forwards to getting started.

Mastered some other bits and bobs including a school play and an EP for Peter Wyeth, which sounds dead nice.

Garage to Studio conversion : Council accepted plans as accurate.. just waiting objections from neighbours.

John R and I had a track we wrote for the WAA album but didn’t include picked up by a publisher for TV/Library music, too.

Busy as a bee.

Ooh, I came across some nice free AU’s via this blog. Trying them out on current mixes. Some nice ones. Will blog about them when time.


In the midst of two mixes for One Cure For Man. Really enjoying the arrangements. Strong songs. Pretty tricky to mix as there’s lots of ideas fighting for space, but luckily the writer/guitarist, James, has his head screwed on with lots of focussed reference points. The two first draft mixes will soon become honed, I reckon.

Am awaiting Shortwave Fade synth parts, then I’ll be cracking on with those two mixes, which are started.

Finally in mix land, am waiting for the nod for Peter Wyeths new ‘stuff’: I gave him a couple of variations last week…. once we’ve OKed and tweaked, I need to index…..it’s almost an old fashioned art is, indexing.

Other news…. garage conversion slowly picking up speed. Copied some scale plans today ready to add doors/windows, and I’m am choosing some victorian style glass blocks for a nice big window…… if anyone knows a reliable cheap builder….. pass em my way….

What’s going down (man)

Prepping mix sessions for Shortwave Fade and One Cure For Man, did some pre mastering stuff on a new Peter Wyeth piece (lovely by the way), then just finished a Christmas album master for Edgy Productions. Plays havoc with your body clock.

Coming up, I’m mixing an EP for Free Control  which I’m happy about as it’s being recorded at Seamus Wong, my favourite studio. Paul’s producing it, and I think that’ll be interesting for the band . Plus I’ve known the band for a long time in various guises.

…. finally….. still flipping trying to find time to sort the garage-to-studio plans out

22nd Oct 2010 Live sound and gorgeousness

Did some live sound last nite at Upper Brown Street… the new name for the Phoenix Arts Centre.

Old friends Naim and Frank from Fun Lovin Criminals were playing as part of Oxjam and Leicester College let the charity have the venue for free .. I was there all nite overseeing stuff,so took a Boss Space Echo down and plumbed it in for some live dub mixing for their set. Made it more interesting for me to actually work rather than watch. Nice to get my hands dirty, but I don’t miss the late nites. I used to do live sound 4 or 5 nites a week, mainly at the Charlotte years ago. It’s a young, single, childless man’s world! The atmosphere was great.. around 170 people there for the evening. Sound was good.

Pete Wyeth posted me a copy of the limited CD he did and I mastered. It’s a lesson in detailed gorgeousness. Hand made, maps on acetate, and a 3 inch CD. A real moment in time.

Whilst on the Wyeth subject, a nice blog by Pete, documenting the ongoing search for the perfect recording method…..here

….and in other, unrelated news: a picture of some soap saying ‘Broadcast’ from Abbey Pumping Station.

10th Sept Mastering Peter Wyeth, Shortwave Fade and remix packs

Did a couple of masters for the Peter Wyeth track ‘Hello Cow’ he recorded on his Zoom portable recorder. Sounds lovely.

Then onto indie gods Shortwave Fade.. I mastered ‘Levitate’ around news of their drummer jumping ship.. if you know of any good drummers who love click track……..

And finally, prepared some teaser remix packs.. snippets of this and that for people to not hear the WAA tracks to then toddle off and  remix.