Stuff wot I av bin doin

.. short update ….. ( I really need to get back on the blog train)

Studio conversion is going on still.. electric first fix should be done by friday, water pipe plumbed in by then too for the sink. Light points marked out.Lights chosen (but no money to buy them!) Need to buy Rockwool and Soundbloc plasterboard next. Having trouble finalising in my head where the storage and shelves will go……. frustrating as I need to make sure the supports are in place now to fix to. So.. coming con. I have a full day on friday to get on with it. Sorry , still no piccies, but will sort that over the next week for my own sake.

Other stuff… Free Control EP I mixed with Seamus Paul was launched on saturday night at the Guildhall in Leicester.. a lovely old place. I played there years ago with my old band. Great night.

Recorded some vocals for Hannah Brine’s stuff. Still a way to go, but that’s coming on. Bass to redo, guitar to add, lots of bvs to do.

Finished the Lamb remix I started.

by the way… am selling a Behringer 1952 Tube Composer compressor, an Alesis Photon X25 MIDI keys/audio interface, a Roland u 110 and an Akai s2000 .. all in the name of studio conversions, so if you want any of these lovely items, mail me. x

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