A warm pardon and other news

Sold enough of my bodily parts and old synth/studio stuff to but the Rockswool slab and Soundroc plasterboard. Turns out Jewsons were the cheapest.. last place I thought to look, but 60 quid cheaper than the nearest other quote.

So that should arrive thursday or friday late afternoon. In the mean time, I need to clear out the rest of the stuff in the roof of the garage before I floor it… there’s an ironing board for gods sake, plus other stuff I really don’t need. Am flooring it so I can use it for storage… seems a waste of space if I don’t. I put an access hatch in over Xmas, so that’s ready to go.

A disappointing sunday this weekend as we intended checking the water to the garage. But, it turns out when we did our kitchen a couple of years back, we got rid of the existing supply thinking ‘we don’t need it’ . Well, we do need it, so we’re going to have to tap it (excuse the pun) form under the sink in the kitchen, then run it along the outside wall to join the top of the fence where the existing pipe remains. No biggie but a proper waste of a day.

Til the Rockwool arrives I was hoping to paint the outside brickwork and undercoat the wall..it’s just too cold.

Musically, there’s a fair bit going on. Started fiddling with some new Peter Wyeth recordings, and I’m decamping to Hannah Brine’s house tomorrow night to record vocals with her. I really love recording in pop up spaces.. with a directional mic you can reject dodgy spaces, but it’s really nice to get those spaces down, too… adds a lovely character.

After the vocals are done, I need to redo some live bass, some acoustic and electric guitar, and mix them. Am thinking about doing proper live drums, too.. we’ll see how much the live guitar adds to the pot. Importantly these recordings are there to kind of define Hannah’s sound .. and I know that she’s keen for this to become a gigging band… with that in mind, I need less electronics probably. Maybe.. don’t know: I think I’ll end up with a couple of mixes of each.. a ‘live’ one which you could almost assign parts to an invisible band, and a ‘this is what it feels like it needs to do to me’ mix.. where I ignore what a band might bring to the table. Anyhows, it’s close to being done. Will try to remember to take piccies tomorrow.


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