All by Mwah

The two tracks I did for Hannah Magenta are now ‘out there’. It seems a nice time to reflect on it as a project.

I’ve known Hannah for a long time: I recorded her as a young teenager (her, not me), and produced a couple of tracks for her around 8 years ago, so it was nice to be asked back on board again for sure. Working with nice people makes things a whole lot nicer all round.

Hannah had been sending me demos for a while.. piano and voice: some good songs there. What Hannah needed (needs still) was someone to produce her and put a band together to take it as a gigging proposition. The chicken and egg thing was, Hannah needed to present what she wanted to potential collaborators. So I agreed to chose a couple of tracks and get on board.

What I’ve liked in particular about this project is:

  • I started programming and arranging them in a tent in Newquay
  • I recorded vocals at Hannah’s dinner table
  • I played and recorded and played bass and guitar with no amp, sat on my sofa

In all, a very DIY job, and I’m really pleased with the results. I always keep a tab on time spent, and despite being spread over several months, the two tracks combined took around 40 hours, so a working week, really.

Hannah’s putting an ad together to look for the future collaborator to take this project forwards…. a replacement and permanent me really..if you know of anyone who’d slot in, let me know and I’ll hook you two up.


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