2016 in review

Can’t believe how quickly the year’s gone..only 12 months since my last annual review.

As ever, a fruitful year: never  a shortage of things to do.

Have released a couple of albums on my music for media imprint  : an Ambient one and my favourite one…a Moterik album. Lots of music of mine on there. Signed a co publishing deal to try to kick the company into the stratosphere in 2017

Just finished mixing album 3 for One Cure for Man and lots of mastering for a few artists.

Did a load of production for Hannah Brine for some publishing avenues.

I slipped in a remix for We Three and The Death Rattle

I mixed most of the stuff on this over the last 2 years, but glad it’s all out as an album: Lux by The Daydream Club


I recorded and mixed/mastered another album at Simon Says festival

Favourite plug ins for me this year have been the Soundtoys mini versions : the Little Radiator and the Primal Tap have both been on pretty much every mix I’ve done in 2016: super simple and sound great.

Books? : Read the Mixerman books: all of them highly recommended but ‘The Daily Adventures Of’ is a great place to start.

The Johnny Marr autobiography is a good read: still leaves lots of mystery to the bits you want to know more of (for me, anything behind the Smiths and Electronic) but it’s written is such an open and conversational way you can’t help but love him…and you can’t say that about Moz’s biog a couple of years back

Three gigs in a year is unusual for me these days, but I made them count this year! Massive Attack, John Grant and PJ Harvey:  a trio of ace-ness.

Song Of The Year is ‘I Feel The Weight’ by Miike Snow: it’s perfect meld of production and a rock solid ‘song’. Beautiful.

Albums I’ve loved:

Bowie, Beyonce, Iggy Pop, Bon Ivor, Mystery Jets, Shura, Miike Snow, Radiohead, Leonard Cohen, Meilyr Jones


2017 holds more of the same: got a few music for media albums to finish and get out.Am doing some recording and mixing for Kafka Diva in January for their new album, too and things always just crop up out of the blue.

You just keep working, don’t you?’Get yer tackle out and see what bites’ as Paul Calf said

For those of you who work on your own, do bear with it: it’s hard to keep going sometimes when you can’t see the wood for the trees…but there’s always light at the end of the tunnel

All the best for 2017





One of the few job perks are the holidays. Half term’s been great.

Finished off mixing a Daydream Club single for release next year… second single I’ve done this year : both are just brilliant. A masterclass in simple messages underlined by gorgeous arrangements. Adam’s done a great job of organising the recordings.. a real pleasure to mix, like the last EP was

Started production on a new Hannah Magenta track , harnessing the woosy pop of Jessie Ware a bit on the new one (but here’s one I produced a while back for Hannah)

Spent some time watching a load of Mix With The Masters videos: if you have any interest in the mixing process, these videos are gold!

A particular fave is Steve Albini’s but every one Ive watched so far’s had me noting down some great things to try.

Go watch!



All by Mwah

The two tracks I did for Hannah Magenta are now ‘out there’. It seems a nice time to reflect on it as a project.

I’ve known Hannah for a long time: I recorded her as a young teenager (her, not me), and produced a couple of tracks for her around 8 years ago, so it was nice to be asked back on board again for sure. Working with nice people makes things a whole lot nicer all round.

Hannah had been sending me demos for a while.. piano and voice: some good songs there. What Hannah needed (needs still) was someone to produce her and put a band together to take it as a gigging proposition. The chicken and egg thing was, Hannah needed to present what she wanted to potential collaborators. So I agreed to chose a couple of tracks and get on board.

What I’ve liked in particular about this project is:

  • I started programming and arranging them in a tent in Newquay
  • I recorded vocals at Hannah’s dinner table
  • I played and recorded and played bass and guitar with no amp, sat on my sofa

In all, a very DIY job, and I’m really pleased with the results. I always keep a tab on time spent, and despite being spread over several months, the two tracks combined took around 40 hours, so a working week, really.

Hannah’s putting an ad together to look for the future collaborator to take this project forwards…. a replacement and permanent me really..if you know of anyone who’d slot in, let me know and I’ll hook you two up.



Finally done. The pair of tracks I recorded, produced, mixed and mastered…. the whole deal, for Hannah Brine..launching under the ‘Mwah’ banner. She’s looking for muso’s to take this on I understand: basically a replacement me for cowriting, production and to take it live. If you like it, find her and mail her.