Studio update and other tales

Super Gary came to visit this week. He rendered the outside of the studio and plastered the inside …looks flipping ace. I tried to help by keeping out of his way and started paining the outside wood bits (fascias, posh people call them).. wife changed her mind about colour scheme, so I had to get more paint. To be fair, she was right. Going for a light grey for the door and fascias, and the outside will be a seaside bluey torquisey type thing (will look better than it sounds… those who saw our last house in Leicester will know what I mean).

Inside probably off white for the most part, with one wall as a deep vintage greeny, I reckon.

Just ordered the lights and flex from these ace sites (cable and lights) and should be picking the sockets and light switch up tomorrow, all ready for Big G (my amazing father) to power on up.

All that remains to choose is the wooden floor. Had a few samples sent.. just trying to finalise which I’m going for. Although I love dark wood, with it being a smallish space, I’ll end up with a lighter wood.

Musically, been super busy: doing lots of writing for TV both on my own and with others.. as such, getting lots done, with loads more in the pipeline.

Oh, I finished mastering this, too, by One Cure For Man: seemingly workaholics.

The remix of this is coming out soon, too.

Driving Plasterer Gary to and from his house in Boston (Lincs) we listened to lots of music.. he’s an original Soul Boy and did all the Wigan Casino allnighters.. he educated me in lots of amazing obscure tracks.. and left me a list of ones to try to track down, so that’s something I’ll look forwards to doing. I love the way those records sound. Amazing.

Piccies of studio coming soon



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