Don’t do it

I bang on about not having much time to do stuff I want or need to do. So as I draw closer to finishing the studio, I thought it might be a good idea to beat myself up about the mistakes I’ve made along the way that’s cost me time.. hopefully you might learn what not to do…….

I always knew I wanted a ‘proper’ mixing desk.. and as such I built the worktop around that…..around the desk I eventually got, actually: an 80 cm depth of worktop to take the desk.

What I forgot about, or chose to not think about, was the need for patchbays and the fact you need extra rackspace for it.

Before getting the desk, I built a couple of racks for my outboard…and didn’t particularly think about where to put them… really stupid! Luckily, I’d included a cupboard I’d built for some in/out trays… and with a little modification that did the trick.. swallowed everything pretty perfectly….. hindsight , though, leads me to advise you, potential studio builders, to just build as little as you can, til you get ALL the bits…..

I replaced some shelving, too….the ones I built were OK…. but I wanted some thinner ones, and IKEA started this modular system… cheap and perfect….again, I wish I’d finished the main bits before shelving it.

So… I find myself saying ‘nearly finished’ over and over and over.. popping out to finish a job, then finding another to start, but providing the desk connections all work (I almost daren’t test the patchbay!) all I have left to do is complete sawing up some speaker shelf supports, then do a flipping good hoover, wipe down and I’m done. Ready for use….

I’ll leave you with this.. ace b-side of New Order’s Fine Time..

6 Replies to “Don’t do it”

    1. Hey Mckloscles….. How are you?
      Yep I’ve for some bass traps and made some absorption panels at speaker reflection points. Early days but mixes sound accurate

  1. Very well thanks how are you? I am loving manchester and the course is ace. What did you use for the absorption and bass traps? Im doing it at uni so it would be interesting to hear how you did it. Did you use room modes to work out the problematic frequencies? etc. Cheers!

    1. bass traps bought… Absorption panels…. Just normal acoustic foam , wooden frame ad hessian to cover. I haven’t yet measured it for modes…… It’s worked out accurate thus far. I will measure tho… I’m interested to find out. We have the software and measurement mic at work to do it! Manchester…. Send it my love. Am up there in July to see massive attack !

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