Don’t do it

I bang on about not having much time to do stuff I want or need to do. So as I draw closer to finishing the studio, I thought it might be a good idea to beat myself up about the mistakes I’ve made along the way that’s cost me time.. hopefully you might learn what not to do…….

I always knew I wanted a ‘proper’ mixing desk.. and as such I built the worktop around that…..around the desk I eventually got, actually: an 80 cm depth of worktop to take the desk.

What I forgot about, or chose to not think about, was the need for patchbays and the fact you need extra rackspace for it.

Before getting the desk, I built a couple of racks for my outboard…and didn’t particularly think about where to put them… really stupid! Luckily, I’d included a cupboard I’d built for some in/out trays… and with a little modification that did the trick.. swallowed everything pretty perfectly….. hindsight , though, leads me to advise you, potential studio builders, to just build as little as you can, til you get ALL the bits…..

I replaced some shelving, too….the ones I built were OK…. but I wanted some thinner ones, and IKEA started this modular system… cheap and perfect….again, I wish I’d finished the main bits before shelving it.

So… I find myself saying ‘nearly finished’ over and over and over.. popping out to finish a job, then finding another to start, but providing the desk connections all work (I almost daren’t test the patchbay!) all I have left to do is complete sawing up some speaker shelf supports, then do a flipping good hoover, wipe down and I’m done. Ready for use….

I’ll leave you with this.. ace b-side of New Order’s Fine Time..