She Makes War Rise and Demise of John remix: free and out now

I remixed She Makes War a couple of years ago .

I’m a fan of Laura’s multi-skilled-jack-and-master-of-all-trades approach to what she does..proper old fashioned work ethic. So, when she asked me if I’d like to remix another track off the last album, I was really chuffed.

It was last November.. a time I was trying to focus on other projects and trying to turn work down..but I used the excuse of using the upright piano for the first time.. so, as long as I used that, I let myself have a crack at it!

It was a pretty quick track to build, but went though a lot of tweaks… I even did a full on rap (of sorts) at one point, but thankfully removed it……

Well, here’s the new remix : do download and share (and if you have any remixy friends, point them this way for lots of stems)

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