Paint the house red

Sometimes, you want to cry.
And when that mood takes me, I pop on the Red House Painters.

Sleeves to die for, I think that was how I came across them..I got ‘Down Colourful Hill’ from Chesterfield Library… 4AD, so of course they had lovely sleeves….that album stood head and shoulders above others in the rack (vinyl), so I thought I really had to try them out.
I wasn’t disappointed, and they became one of my favourite bands. Albums were always patchy, but so many brutally honest songs on the first three albums in particular.

Have dipped in and out of Mark Kozolek’s work over the years and I still love his voice, but the song ‘Mistress’  is the perfect ‘I want you’ feeling song. Luckily, I’m a happily married man these days, but when I was younger and in and out of love, this song in particular made my heart ache…..

Katy Song is pretty devestating

…and this is long and exhausting

Open up your heart, and grab your tissues


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