How low can you go?

Read a great interview with Adrian Utley a few weeks back .. he mentioned his guitar sound.. said he always had lots of guitar players asking him how he got ‘that guitar sound’. ‘Don’t change your strings. Ever’

Good advice from one of the few guitar players I actually like.

And so onto tonight’s bass recording… I needed some French Fender Jazz type 70s bass on the 2 tracks I’m doing for Hannah Brine. Whenever I record bass or guitar for that matter, I stick to dead simple things… as I’m dead rubbish at playing. But I love it when I get the simplest of things and it sounds good. The bass I’ve got isn’t actually mine.. it’s an old (not ‘good old’) 90s bass thing the wife’s friend loaned me but never picked up…. but the strings are lovely and dead, and after I taped up the strings to mute them, low and behold a pretty convincing Air-tastic bass sound.

Been relistening a lot to Red House Painters…. I discovered them after seeing the first album sleeve in my library.. a lovely 4AD sleeve, then saw them live a couple of times… there’s some amazing stuff on the first 2 albums and the demo album that secured the deal with 4AD. Some of the heaviest feelings put into words, ever. If you’ve never heard them, take a listen. Warning, though.. there’s some flipping rubbish on each album and after ‘Ocean Beach’ proceed with extreme caution.

Uncle Joe. ‘I’ve been lookin at the ceiling with an awful feelin of loss and loneliness’ : blimey.