Dec 23rd Jamie Says vid and Sprlnr remix

Knocked a video out for the Jamie Says remix I did. Here’s the method: Search using ‘Static’ as keyword, download low viewed video. Pop in Imovie. Fiddle (for 2 minutes). Done.

Hardly Anton Corbijn but it’ll do.

John R did this ace remix of a WAA track under his sprlnr guise. Vocal was a little bolted on to the music so I asked him to email me the music and vocals separately to allow me to place better. A bit of EQ and compression with some subtle delays sorted it out. Ideally I’d have had the Logic project but I didn’t want to alter it too much… and with the project I’d have tweaked til the cows came home and probably have murdered it.

You’ll hear it early next year, but it’s sexy as anything.