New WAA video

I did this video a couple of months back. I found the footage and it seemed to fit like a glove with the song. The track’s from the WAA album out in a couple of weeks and I really love this song.

Everything’s live and ‘real’ (though separately recorded): the piano was recorded on a Macbook internal mic only at a school and it sounds ace. I did my best Emerson Lake and Palmer on wobbly synth and my best Mark King (with no fingers) on bass. JR did some really nice guitar,too. I really loved doing the ‘aah vocals’ There’s some mellotron (a sample but played live) and an old Casio keyboard I got for 50 p. When I mixed it, it felt like it needed to sound like it was done to tape: squishy and warm and ’70’s dull’.

No idea what JR’s verse and chorus is about, and I’m sure he feels the same about mine. Doesn’t matter, though, coz the end result’s pretty special.

19th Dec Local Natives remix wins

Infectious records mailed me the other day with the news that the band chose my remix as the winner of the Tracks and Fields contest. I did an interview that’ll be featured on the site and the remix will go on Infectious records’ site as a featured free download. Dead chuffed: am not really a competition type of guy : doing the remix (and other ones I’m doing) was a nice release, but for the band themselves to chose the remix as their favourite means alot. To celebrate, I knocked a video together for it.