16th Sept … usual! and old papers

Tweaked some Kafkadiva mixes, Jamie Says masters… both nearly done.

Picked up some free old NMEs, SOunds and Melody Makers from the late eighties and early nineties from some guy who was giving them away via Freecycle . My heart leapt when I picked them up.. there’s about 150! I recognise all the front covers….. I used to religiously buy them around that period and owned pretty much most of them, but threw them away when I left home. Can’t wait to plough through  them all.

15th Sept More Jamie Says, Kafkadiva mixing and Earrings

… limited hearing focus.. enough for three master tweaks for Jamie Says and a mix fiddle on a Kafkadiva track.

Uploaded the WAA to mine and John’s publisher.. they may be using some of it on library albums. If that happens we’ll need to rethink the album content. I think one of the tracks ‘We’re at out height’ is being used with some vocal. It’s one of my favourite tracks on the album.. we may end up giving that track in its original form sooner rather than later.

Read about a guy going under the name of Earrings in the Guardian. Check him out.. mysterious.. and some left of centre pop…

11th Sept WAA album stuff, Kafka Diva and Jamie Says tweaks.. and The Fall (ah)

Started the last tweaks to the Jamie Says album masters (but a new mix popped in my inbox this morning so maybe not!) and then mailed John R about the WAA album. Pretty much nailed but we need to choose the outer card sleeve now. Oh, and fiddled with ‘Already There’ by Kafkadiva.

Watched excellent documentary on Mark E Smith on BBC 4. Early 90s Fall really did open my tiny mind up to music as a stick that beats you round the head but gives you an occasional tickle. Here’s what I think is my favourite Fall track, ‘Bill is Dead’. Most Fall songs you couldn’t call a song, but this one.. actually you could see an X Factor hopeful using a version of this for their audition. Perhaps.

Gorgeous song from the album ‘Extricate’

….. still feeling Extrical?

Aug 26th Jamie Says mastering, WAA sleeve making and the Moomins

Had three Jamie Says tracks to tweak a little. Spent an hour doing a sleeve idea for the WAA album. Loved it. Wrong colour card, but John R has taken a great picture of an old train and it’s strong with what we’re trying to say. Ace.

A way to go but I mailed it to John for feedback.

Heard the new Bjork track today…. lovely contribution to  the Moomins movie. Totally fitting marriage, surely.

21st Aug. Tweaks and reapproached. Shortwave Fade/Jamie Says/One Cure for Man/ WAA album release date

Had a tweak for a Jamie Says master, two tweaks for ‘Levitate’ by Shortwave Fade mix… done nice and quick. The No Cure For Man mix, I re-approached after hearing a live version from last night’s Sumo gig. I stripped away the ‘ear candy’ and based it around the live version. Lots of guitar.. a little Suede-y (in my head, anyway). Mailed to James for comments.

In other news, John and I have finally settled on a release date for the We Are Altered album: 22nd Oct (yes, this year!). I can’t believe it’s taken this long… 3 years and then some. But if you boiled the time down to the nuts and bolts, it’s 6 months work… just spread over 40 months!

So, now the date’s set, we need to get our fingers out with the physical release.. the cassette. John R likes the idea of a clear cassette. I think I’m with him. Or maybe white.

any cassette’s a bonus!