11th Sept WAA album stuff, Kafka Diva and Jamie Says tweaks.. and The Fall (ah)

Started the last tweaks to the Jamie Says album masters (but a new mix popped in my inbox this morning so maybe not!) and then mailed John R about the WAA album. Pretty much nailed but we need to choose the outer card sleeve now. Oh, and fiddled with ‘Already There’ by Kafkadiva.

Watched excellent documentary on Mark E Smith on BBC 4. Early 90s Fall really did open my tiny mind up to music as a stick that beats you round the head but gives you an occasional tickle. Here’s what I think is my favourite Fall track, ‘Bill is Dead’. Most Fall songs you couldn’t call a song, but this one.. actually you could see an X Factor hopeful using a version of this for their audition. Perhaps.

Gorgeous song from the album ‘Extricate’

….. still feeling Extrical?