I Am In Love press release with Rise and Demise remix

The remix I completed is going out on Robot Needs Home records in April as a B-Side. Here’s the press release:

‘We are delighted to announce that due to unprecedented national press and radio attention (details TBA), I AM IN LOVE, will be releasing, ‘I Want You’, as their debut single slightly earlier than planned, through their good friends Robot Needs Home Records. The track and two B-Sides including the Rise and Demise of John mix (Make Recordings) will be available from itunes and all good online retailers from 25th April 2011′

As someone who’s knocking on a bit (37 don’t you know, sonny) it’s nice to watch a band with momentum. It takes me back to bands I’ve been in moons ago: always planning the next gig, recording or art. These are amazing times to be in a band. Being in an organised band with tunes is the best.

Good luck to em!

I love the Robot Needs Home logo, by the way.

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