This is Hopeless

A sneaky peek at the WAA single we’re plugging pre album launch.

The track holds a special place in my heart. It was the first track we wrote together, and actually the only one John and I wrote in the same room. The main parts of this started around 7 years ago. John came round to my studio and we, ahem, ‘jammed’ to a beat with glockenspiel, twinkly piano, bass and Mattel drum machine.

Initially we mixed it as an instrumental, but when we started the WAA project we dusted it off and John wrote some words. It’s perhaps the strongest song in the traditional sense we’ve written, and I love the warmth it emits.

I’m not entirely sure what John’s singing about, but I like the general feeling it gives me. I’m proud as anything to have been involved in it.

John did the video for this, too.

We are officially start pushing this next monday, I think, but for now, enjoy.

There’s a remix, too, which I knocked a video up for. The remix is super sexy. John did this as his sprlnr alter-ego. I did a little mixing and mastering on it as well as some BVs. This will be the second track of the free download version of ‘Hopeless’. Really hope you like them both.

Remixers…. come on, then

John and I are hard at work prepping the WAA album in between day job/family/real-life stuff. We’ve been making vids and cutting card…

We’ve been remixing a couple of tracks, too and would love to offer Joe (and Joanne) Public the stems.

So, break a leg, go get and remix! Once you’ve done, share them back

Here’s the stems




21st Oct 2010 More remixing and WAA album stuff

Burned the master CD for duplication of the cassettes. Very nice moment.. long time coming, but there’s much left to do, still.

Looked for card for the wrap around sleeve, but the usual supplier has run out of textured white… they’re sending us some samples of packing card, which, she says, is textured. FIngers crossed. Nice card that fits through a domestic printer is hard to find….. on we go.

Had another hour on the Jamie Says remix. Done all I can til I get the single tracked vocal from Kyle. Sounding nice tho. Hope he likes it.


Tomorrow, I’m doing the sound at the Old Phoenix (now called Upper Brown Street). Been a while since I did live sound, so am excited.