What’s going down (man)

Prepping mix sessions for Shortwave Fade and One Cure For Man, did some pre mastering stuff on a new Peter Wyeth piece (lovely by the way), then just finished a Christmas album master for Edgy Productions. Plays havoc with your body clock.

Coming up, I’m mixing an EP for Free Control  which I’m happy about as it’s being recorded at Seamus Wong, my favourite studio. Paul’s producing it, and I think that’ll be interesting for the band . Plus I’ve known the band for a long time in various guises.

…. finally….. still flipping trying to find time to sort the garage-to-studio plans out

I am In Love: remix progress

.. Paul from Seamus Wong mailed me the dry vocal over. This has helped loads…. but to get it to sit is tough… lots and lots of automation of volume, subtle reverbs and delays..


not aided by my ears being used to the original. Always the way.

Other than that , its pretty much there.

Will double check the vocal levels tomorrow then done.


I am in love

A few weeks back I had lunch with Seamus Wong Paul. He played me a rough mix of a track by new band I Am In Love (ex Autohype ) called ‘I Want You’. Sounded lovely even pre mix: reminded me on 1979 cold electronica mixed with a bit of the XX. Funny, but I didn’t remember the chorus, just this lovely arpeggio and tender vocal. Anyway, the band sent me the stems now it’s fully mixed (the production’s ace by the way), and I just prepped a Logic project for a remix.

I don’t usually think about the remix process but thought I might blog it for this one… so.. after prepping the tracks and making sure all is there, I spend a minuscule amount of time listening to each track.. I don’t want to get attached to anything other than the vocal. I’ve muted all the stuff apart from 2 vocals and some chord clues.. and they’ll go once my own stuff’s down.

What I’m looking for is the heart of the vocal.. it could be the whole thing, or just a few lines. Already thinking that the chorus may go, and I’ll pull out other words for the hook. Whilst I decide, I’ll start with a beat, and as I’m hardly Mr Big Beat, it’ll be lovely old drum machines or synth drums made from the ESP in Logic.. or a bit of each.

… if you fancy ago at remixing the track, mail the band via their Twitter feed @iaminlovemusic

17th Nov Seamus Wong and mastering the new Ambrose Tompkins album

Spent some time at Seamus Wong studios in Leicester tonight helping Paul finish mastering the new Ambrose Tompkins album. Paul had pretty much done it, just needed a tone and volume tweak here and there and the ISRC codes/Bar code adding.

Sounds lovely: recorded on an old 8 track (digital) and the mastering had warmed the whole thing up.

Always lovely to visit Seamus Wong. I used to record bands there alot….I’d be there every week for a period of my life. Gorgeous gear and amazing live room. A real gem of a place.

8th Sept Nice piccies, Wong, and WAA remixing

.. On I go with the WAA remix .. sounding great.. lots of ideas, just need to structure it all.

Met up with Paul from my favourite ever studio, Seamus Wong today. What a lovely lovely man. I miss using his studio.. there was a period of time about ten years ago where I used to be in there either recording or rehearsing every week or two. A massive heart and pretty much an unknown studio……a nice little secret. For those who know about it.. you know what I’m talking about.

I love Grinderman’s sleeve.

If you’ve not seen the video, take a peek.