A warm pardon and other news

Sold enough of my bodily parts and old synth/studio stuff to but the Rockswool slab and Soundroc plasterboard. Turns out Jewsons were the cheapest.. last place I thought to look, but 60 quid cheaper than the nearest other quote.

So that should arrive thursday or friday late afternoon. In the mean time, I need to clear out the rest of the stuff in the roof of the garage before I floor it… there’s an ironing board for gods sake, plus other stuff I really don’t need. Am flooring it so I can use it for storage… seems a waste of space if I don’t. I put an access hatch in over Xmas, so that’s ready to go.

A disappointing sunday this weekend as we intended checking the water to the garage. But, it turns out when we did our kitchen a couple of years back, we got rid of the existing supply thinking ‘we don’t need it’ . Well, we do need it, so we’re going to have to tap it (excuse the pun) form under the sink in the kitchen, then run it along the outside wall to join the top of the fence where the existing pipe remains. No biggie but a proper waste of a day.

Til the Rockwool arrives I was hoping to paint the outside brickwork and undercoat the wall..it’s just too cold.

Musically, there’s a fair bit going on. Started fiddling with some new Peter Wyeth recordings, and I’m decamping to Hannah Brine’s house tomorrow night to record vocals with her. I really love recording in pop up spaces.. with a directional mic you can reject dodgy spaces, but it’s really nice to get those spaces down, too… adds a lovely character.

After the vocals are done, I need to redo some live bass, some acoustic and electric guitar, and mix them. Am thinking about doing proper live drums, too.. we’ll see how much the live guitar adds to the pot. Importantly these recordings are there to kind of define Hannah’s sound .. and I know that she’s keen for this to become a gigging band… with that in mind, I need less electronics probably. Maybe.. don’t know: I think I’ll end up with a couple of mixes of each.. a ‘live’ one which you could almost assign parts to an invisible band, and a ‘this is what it feels like it needs to do to me’ mix.. where I ignore what a band might bring to the table. Anyhows, it’s close to being done. Will try to remember to take piccies tomorrow.


Stuff wot I av bin doin

.. short update ….. ( I really need to get back on the blog train)

Studio conversion is going on still.. electric first fix should be done by friday, water pipe plumbed in by then too for the sink. Light points marked out.Lights chosen (but no money to buy them!) Need to buy Rockwool and Soundbloc plasterboard next. Having trouble finalising in my head where the storage and shelves will go……. frustrating as I need to make sure the supports are in place now to fix to. So.. coming con. I have a full day on friday to get on with it. Sorry , still no piccies, but will sort that over the next week for my own sake.

Other stuff… Free Control EP I mixed with Seamus Paul was launched on saturday night at the Guildhall in Leicester.. a lovely old place. I played there years ago with my old band. Great night.

Recorded some vocals for Hannah Brine’s stuff. Still a way to go, but that’s coming on. Bass to redo, guitar to add, lots of bvs to do.

Finished the Lamb remix I started.

by the way… am selling a Behringer 1952 Tube Composer compressor, an Alesis Photon X25 MIDI keys/audio interface, a Roland u 110 and an Akai s2000 .. all in the name of studio conversions, so if you want any of these lovely items, mail me. x

2011 toodelloo

As a very inactive blogger, I feel I should at least write a blog about the highlights of last year , right? So, belatedly.. a few thoughts.

Did a couple of remixes

The James Blake one reached over 70,000 views and I got some nice comments. The I Am In Love one ended up on the B Side of the band’s single.

One I did at the tail end of 2010 has just been released by She Makes War (: it’s free, here )

Highlights of mixing included One Cure for Man tracks.. proper indie.. and Free Control’s EP (with Paul Wong.. great to work there again after many years ), out soon.

Finally released the waa album and got nice radio play from Steve Lamacq

I remixed a track from it, too

TV music got used worldwide, including loads of Masterchef shows.

Albums I enjoyed most.. Wild Beasts, Lykke Li, Lanterns of the Lake

Gigs… Wild Beasts, Lykke Li and Morrissey.Lana Del Ray was a bit disappointing, but looking forwards to the album.

Music remains at the heart of what I am.. dying to finish my studio so I have a proper place to work. Also on the boil is a remix for Shortwave Fade and finishing tracks for Hannah Brine. And the ‘biggy’ project I’ve been banging on about for years. More on that over the next few months.

Also.. trying to record a handful of Rise and Demise tracks.. written for flipping ever.. no plans, just getting them recorded is enough. Got a few started. We will see.

Happy New Year!

Win when you don’t try

Late last year, I remixed a She Makes War track. Laura Kidd (the talent behind SMW) ran a remix competition this summer, and although I didn’t enter it, the remix got ‘entered’ into the competition and has been chosen to go on a free remix album as a top 4 remix. Read about it and download here

Other news, with a bit of a back story, the Free Control mastering has been sent my way rather than who it was originally going to go to. So I’ll start that tomorrow.

Mastered another Edgy Productions play, and did some super quick recording of some live drums for the Hannah Brine track’s I’m producing… and I mean super-quick: single passes through two tracks or hats, snare, toms and ride: then to Logic for editing: not intending for them to replace the programming I’m doing.. just add some human swing.

Best news is the progress of the studio build. Two days of Super Gary saw the garage door removed, bricked up and some stud walling done. Hope to finish the studding before the 9th Jan. Will post piccies when I can get em off my (shit) phone

How low can you go?

Read a great interview with Adrian Utley a few weeks back .. he mentioned his guitar sound.. said he always had lots of guitar players asking him how he got ‘that guitar sound’. ‘Don’t change your strings. Ever’

Good advice from one of the few guitar players I actually like.

And so onto tonight’s bass recording… I needed some French Fender Jazz type 70s bass on the 2 tracks I’m doing for Hannah Brine. Whenever I record bass or guitar for that matter, I stick to dead simple things… as I’m dead rubbish at playing. But I love it when I get the simplest of things and it sounds good. The bass I’ve got isn’t actually mine.. it’s an old (not ‘good old’) 90s bass thing the wife’s friend loaned me but never picked up…. but the strings are lovely and dead, and after I taped up the strings to mute them, low and behold a pretty convincing Air-tastic bass sound.

Been relistening a lot to Red House Painters…. I discovered them after seeing the first album sleeve in my library.. a lovely 4AD sleeve, then saw them live a couple of times… there’s some amazing stuff on the first 2 albums and the demo album that secured the deal with 4AD. Some of the heaviest feelings put into words, ever. If you’ve never heard them, take a listen. Warning, though.. there’s some flipping rubbish on each album and after ‘Ocean Beach’ proceed with extreme caution.

Uncle Joe. ‘I’ve been lookin at the ceiling with an awful feelin of loss and loneliness’ : blimey.

What you up to?

Was co mixing with Paul Wong at Seamus last night. Lovely time. Only finished 1 of the 5 songs for Free Control though.. but it was worth the tweak time. Finishing next week.

A little bit of Hannah Brine time tonight.. just structuring and programming to get the feel right before any audio gets put down.

Oh, Shortwave Fade’s first album’s on Bandcamp for free… their second one will be done … errrrm…. before 2018… they want to record a couple of more tracks to add to the 5 we’ve done already then do a mini album ….. I think… . Anyways, get the first album here.