In the midst of two mixes for One Cure For Man. Really enjoying the arrangements. Strong songs. Pretty tricky to mix as there’s lots of ideas fighting for space, but luckily the writer/guitarist, James, has his head screwed on with lots of focussed reference points. The two first draft mixes will soon become honed, I reckon.

Am awaiting Shortwave Fade synth parts, then I’ll be cracking on with those two mixes, which are started.

Finally in mix land, am waiting for the nod for Peter Wyeths new ‘stuff’: I gave him a couple of variations last week…. once we’ve OKed and tweaked, I need to index…’s almost an old fashioned art is, indexing.

Other news…. garage conversion slowly picking up speed. Copied some scale plans today ready to add doors/windows, and I’m am choosing some victorian style glass blocks for a nice big window…… if anyone knows a reliable cheap builder….. pass em my way….

What’s going down (man)

Prepping mix sessions for Shortwave Fade and One Cure For Man, did some pre mastering stuff on a new Peter Wyeth piece (lovely by the way), then just finished a Christmas album master for Edgy Productions. Plays havoc with your body clock.

Coming up, I’m mixing an EP for Free Control  which I’m happy about as it’s being recorded at Seamus Wong, my favourite studio. Paul’s producing it, and I think that’ll be interesting for the band . Plus I’ve known the band for a long time in various guises.

…. finally….. still flipping trying to find time to sort the garage-to-studio plans out

1 11 10 Mastering Jamie Says, some remix action and One Cure for Man demos

Lots of marking tonight and before the ears went to sleep I mastered the Jamie Says remix. Mailed to Kyle.

Worked a little on the Local Natives remix. Got a structure and enough basic ideas really…next comes the moulding.

As I type this am listening to some One Cure For Man demos James sent me… really ace. There’s a slow build track called ‘Not a Word’ which is really really great.

John R has sorted the stickers out for the WAA album…. we trickle on!

22nd Sept. Pub, chat and MUTE man

Spent a couple of hour with One Cure For Man , just chatting about their band and potential recording. Intelligent stuff. Urging James to start blogging his (many) thoughts.

MUTE records are now an indie again. I remember Mute initially through their logo. I used to borrow my brother’s Depeche Mode albums and pour over the sleeves. I was in love with the little walking MUTE man.

If you’re interested, excellent interview with MUTE boss Daniel Miller, here

Have got to finish the WAA remix, but very battered ears tonight, so will prioritise that tomorrow

6th Sept. New Kafkadiva mix, more One Cure For Man mastering and some sleeve thoughts

Always nice when the first mix gets the thumbs up from the band, so mastered the ‘Soul of Man’ track for One Cure For Man and then onto the last album track mix for Kafkadiva. Did a little drum replacement to counteract the tiny room we recorded in, then went 70s-tastic on the phasing and wah-tip. Sneaked some Mellotron in and percussion ear candy.Pretty much there.

John R thought of a good sleeve idea… so thats nearly decided

5th Sept. The usual and a bit of the Mercurys

…more mixing on the track I started last nite for One Cure For Man. Lovely.

Tuesday sees the annual Mercury prize awarded. Always a talking point for good, bad and ugly reasons I think it’s a given this year that the XX will win. I heard that album last Christmas and it seeped into my brain over a few listens. I love the fact the arrangements do the reverse of what they should.. almost as if they had a copy of Oblique Strategies and turned a card over saying ‘don’t get bigger, shrink’

I love the Wild Beasts album, too. If you break the album to crude chords, it’s a doddle to play, but just lovely intertwining drums, bass and guitar doing un-obvious things make the whole thing be really beautiful. The lyrics are pretty outrageous. Camp as you like. Ace.

….but I’d love I Am Kloot to win. Their album, Sky At Night, doesn’t break new ground in the way Wild Beasts and the XX do, but it’s a solid bunch of songs presented in a timeless way. Their profile’s been raised by Elbow’s involvement, it’d be nice to see them win and take the batten from Elbow as ‘underdogs go overground’.

31st Aug Tweaks of Love/ Timing: the art of good comedy / Tom Robinson

…Flex time failed in Logic.. weird…. so I had to import a file to a new Logic Project, then tweak the timing, then reimport. Anyhows, that was the Shortwave Fade tweak to end all tweaks.

Then another mix for One Cure For Man….. the word Tweak should be banned, but it’s so, well…. appropriate!

Tom Robinson on 6 Music played the WAA remix of Troels Abrahamsen’s End Scene we did last nite. Listen here. (1hr 51ish in)

22nd / 23rd Aug Mix tweaks/Mastering One Cure For Man/ Logic Studio App / Kafka Diva mix

Debates over drum replacement yielded a successful mix OK from One Cure For Man… so mastered that track. They want me to mix the other 3 tracks on the EP now.

Emailed the Logic Studio questions off for the Logic revision Iphone app, then downloaded some more Kafkadiva files and prepped that mix.

John R had a great idea about cassette sleeve : note pad with cassette shape carved out. .. cassette inside it…Not sure we’d be able to do it but ace idea!

21st Aug. Tweaks and reapproached. Shortwave Fade/Jamie Says/One Cure for Man/ WAA album release date

Had a tweak for a Jamie Says master, two tweaks for ‘Levitate’ by Shortwave Fade mix… done nice and quick. The No Cure For Man mix, I re-approached after hearing a live version from last night’s Sumo gig. I stripped away the ‘ear candy’ and based it around the live version. Lots of guitar.. a little Suede-y (in my head, anyway). Mailed to James for comments.

In other news, John and I have finally settled on a release date for the We Are Altered album: 22nd Oct (yes, this year!). I can’t believe it’s taken this long… 3 years and then some. But if you boiled the time down to the nuts and bolts, it’s 6 months work… just spread over 40 months!

So, now the date’s set, we need to get our fingers out with the physical release.. the cassette. John R likes the idea of a clear cassette. I think I’m with him. Or maybe white.

any cassette’s a bonus!